Upcoming Show

June 2014

Shamblin Theatre at Lipscomb University
1 University Park Dr, Nashville, TN 37204

Roger’s Version

Written by Wes Driver, from the novel by John Updike

Directed by Wes Driver

The Play

Blackbird’s fourth season concludes with the first stage adaptation of Roger’s Version, the critically acclaimed novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Updike. Blackbird Artistic Director Wes Driver writes and directs this adaptation, having received special permission from the Updike estate.

The story follows Roger Lambert, a bad-tempered divinity professor who finds his staid academic life and complacent faith challenged by the passionate ideas of Dale Kohler, a grad student who seeks to prove God’s existence through computer technology.

“I’ve been wanting to turn Roger’s Version into a play for years,” says Driver. “The struggle between science and faith is so dynamically and dramatically realized and the dialogue so clever and compelling—it’s perfect material for Blackbird and our mission to produce intellectually engaging theatre.”

Roger’s Version will debut in June of 2014.