Current Show

July 16-26

Hillsboro High School Theatre
3812 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215

Tickets on sale May 1 at


A new musical from Blackbird Theater

Written by Wes Driver and Greg Greene

Music by Michael Slayton

Directed by Wes Driver

The Play

After four critically acclaimed seasons, Blackbird Theater will produce its magnum opus, the new musical Myth. Set in the world of Greek mythos, this is the story of how and why the gods were cast from Mt. Olympus. Written by Blackbird founders Wes Driver and Greg Greene, and composed by Michael Slayton, Chair of Composition at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music, Myth will premiere July 16-26, 2015 at the Hillsboro High School Theatre in Green Hills.

“The princess of Athens and the prince of Thebes are to be married. But an oracle portends doom. The mortals challenge the Fates. The gods intervene. And what follows is an impassioned tale of surprising romances, unlikely heroes, and, of course, the incomparable gods in all of their majestic, decadent glory.

Moving from a war-ravaged earth to the dark depths of Tartarus and on to the gilded palace of Olympus – winding from outrageous comedy to harrowing tragedy before ending in a blaze of unforeseeable triumph – this is the original story of how the people of earth, heroes and criminals, princes and slaves, band together, subvert fate, and overthrow the tyrannical gods of ancient Greece.”

Tickets go on sale May 1 at


ACACIACorinne Bupp
TRESSADarci Wantiez
DIOKLESScott Stewart
PRAXISRonnie Meek
OINOPHILUSDerek Whittaker
NEOMOROSWill Miranne
SISYPHUSPatrick Kramer
TANTALUS>Preston Orr
PRIESTESSJennifer Whitcomb-Oliva
HYPATIACaroline Davis
ZEUSDavid Arnold
HERAJJ Rodgers
ATHENAMallory Mundy
APOLLOKristopher Wente
APHRODITECatherine Birdsong
HERMESTadd Himelrick
HADESDerek Whittaker
THE CHORUSAshley Glore

Taylor Chew

Melissa Garner Campbell

Memory Strong

Leslie Marberry

Cat Arnold

Elizabeth Wuellner

LaDarra Jackel

Jocelyn Kasper

Tyler Osborne

Randal Cooper

Scott Patrick Wilson

Elijah Wallace

Jess Darnell

Brad Forrister


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